It takes a village to feed the hungry. No that’s not the original quote but it sure seems appropriate when you visit us around 11am and see the volume of people lined up to deliver meals. If you know what a LeMans start is to an old race…It seems like we should have an announcer in the background “And THEY”RE OFF!”

Truth be told, there’s no better day than one where you deliver to the homebound. You see the smile and are certain of the difference you make just by bringing a meal.

What does it take to be a volunteer? Besides the obvious compassion and love of community- you only need to be present to lend a hand. Contact Leslie Iannace, our volunteer coordinator, at 843-873-8224 or fill out the form at the end of this page, to volunteer or to find out more about volunteer opportunities with us. Our volunteers carry many jobs in helping to end hunger in Summerville.  We’re sure Leslie can find one to fit your time and talent which you’ll enjoy!

Ways you can help

    • Deliver meals Monday through Friday
    • Prepare the meals for delivery by dishing up, packing and sorting
    • Be a substitute volunteer filling in when needed, especially during summer
    • Help collect food from local food banks, farmers markets etc.
    • Fold/Sort the Newsletter
    • Event preparation and planning including TICKET SALES

Meals on Wheels of Summerville


Volunteers of the month

Congratulations to all!

( January ) Elbert Massad ( February ) Brian Pittman ( March ) Del Davids

( April ) Karen Byrd ( May ) Lori Carlson ( June ) Carolyn Miller

( July ) Bob Richards & Marcie Vyse ( August ) Alisha, Olivia, & Nathan Hernandez

( September ) Sandy Smith & Rocky ( October ) Hannah & Ali Woods

( November ) Gillis McAllister ( December ) Bob and Gwen Peebles

Meals on Wheels volunteers who have celebrated 15 or more years of service to helping the homebound in Summerville

Our Volunteers are the best!

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